LTP Clear Wax 1LTR

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A clear finish wall and floor tile polish. For use on travertine, limestone, sandstone, slate, tumbled marble, flamed granite, terracotta, quarry and brick. A soft paste wax blended from three types of wax which gives treated surfaces an excellent shine. It provides a resilient protective layer against water, dust, dirt and a variety of commonly found household contaminants. 

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Suitable for all types of terracotta. This product is film forming.  

NB: Fully hardened LTP Clear Wax may sometimes dry slightly opaque (slightly white) especially if over applied or not correctly buffed.  This whiteness may show up on darker, rougher terracotta.  Therefore is is advisable to test the wax on an inconspicuous area prior to general application.

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Clear Wax Technical Data Sheet

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